Happy Anniversary, Rubberband Man!

 Everybody loves a superhero. Some gals love Superman. For others, it’s Batman. But the Rubberband Man is the only superhero for me. A few years after the Spinners came out with their hit, “Rubberband Man,” I married him. We are celebrating our 41st anniversary today.

In 1977, on my first day of college at Graceland University, this tall, skinny, big-haired guy at the college registration desk handed me my class schedule. Only later did I find out he’d memorized my number, and for three weeks proceeded to spy on me like 007.

Every Friday night, at the school’s disco, he asked me to dance. To be honest, it was raining boys for this former wallflower, and at first I didn’t notice the consistency. Then, I realized this same tall guy always seemed to snag me for a slow dance.

A few months later, his friend fixed us up on a “blind” date. After that, the superhero traits began to surface. I started setting the alarm for 6:00 a.m. (unnatural!) so that I could “run into” him at breakfast. He was so funny, crazy smart, and a great listener. He had this incredible positive energy that left no room for inhibition. When he laughed, he gave it his all. It was addictive and still is. His piercing blue gaze on me made me feel I was the only girl in the cafeteria-heck-the world!

At first the Rubber Band Man comparison was mainly physical. He took up more than his share of dance space with his long legs and arms and danced with six foot three inches of uninhibited joy and confidence. I remember thinking, He’s the Rubber Band Man!

 “Hey ya’ll prepare yourself for the Rubberband Man

You never heard a sound

Like the Rubberband Man

You’re bound to lose control

When the Rubberband starts to jam.”

—-The Spinner

With every instinct I possessed, I recognized how rare he was. Being with him made me feel like anything was possible. I could leap high buildings in a single bound, even follow my dream of becoming a published author! No matter how lofty the goal, we could meet it together. So, I married him.

Forty-one years later, the comparison to Rubberband Man went way beyond the physical. Throughout the years, he’s been that superhero: no matter what life throws at him, he bounces back with grace and good humor. Every day his joyful strength buoys and supports me. His flexibility and kindness have made the toughest of days endurable. And he’s still got this positive energy that makes everyone around him feel good.

Through the years, his positive energy and joy of life have seen him through trials that would test any superhero. In 2010, leukemia hit him like a runaway train, and he did everything in his power to set it back on track, adapting to his new normal with flexibility and strength. Now, 7 years after a double cord blood transplant, he sacrifices his time and precious energy to help other people who’ve been through the same trials..  

This year, he bounced back from cancer surgery with the same positivity and determination.

There’s no one else I’d rather dance through life with.  Take a listen to the “Rubberbandman,” and you’ll know what I mean.

Happy Anniversary to the man I’d give my life for.


A Frighteningly Good Sale!


Why am I so excited? Because I’ve never had a sale like this before. It runs on Amazon from 10/11-10/25.

After my late mom read the first book, she said, “Why did you have to write about everything I’m scared of?”

Did she mean being buried alive (and surviving), or snakes, or…well, other things? In each book, I write about what fascinates me: Bedlam, the history of mental illness, an 18th Century port town, unlikely heroes and heroines who deserve love just like the rest of us.

As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday. My friend and I had the privilege of being in charge of the “spook alley” at our local church, who hosted a party for the neighborhood every year. We used the back classrooms, and would start planning our ghoulish activities from the first of September on. And those were the low tech 70’s, mind you: peeled grapes for eyes, Jello for guts, you name it.

My books are less tame, and have been known to keep people awake all night reading. What happens to someone who’s been buried alive, but survives? And how do my hero and heroine deal with it, and the growing attraction toward each other, despite their differences and roadblocks? Add music and an 18th Century port town with pirates, randy sailors, and humor.

And if being buried alive doesn’t give you the creeps, what will? $.99 per ebook is my Halloween gift to you, my “Spook Alley,” so to speak.

Enjoy.  Mercy of the Moon/Heartbeat of the Moon/Echoes of the Moon

I suggest starting at the beginning:


Please remember that leaving an honest review means the world to novelists. Thanks for listening, and enjoy this Halloween season!


Echoes of the Moon

Identical Twins, Sacrifice, and the Search for Love

Thank you for visiting my website. I am so happy to be able to be back with you in 2021. Echoes of the Moon is a story about Bethan and Elunid, identical twins who live in the 18th Century town of King’s Harbour. Bethan has been a caregiver for Elunid, who is stricken with a debilitating and mysterious mental ailment. Bethan would do anything for her twin. Because of the burden of caring for Elunid, the thought of love never seemed a possibility. Then she meets Henry, a humble workman in the town, tasked with one of the lowly jobs possible. Yet still, something about him intrigues and pleases her. But how can she even entertain the idea of love with the constant care of her twin?

Sisters will do anything for each other. Would Bethan have to sacrifice her growing love for Henry, and perhaps even her life for Elunid?

The following excerpt is from Chapter 3: Bethan and Elunid on one of Elunid’s good days:


Later that afternoon, Bethan and Elunid made their way down the cobbles of Siren Street to Maggie Pierce’s house. Bethan felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of what she might learn from the knowledgeable midwife. As they skirted the harbor, she took heart in the sight of the English Channel, waves rising toward the summer sun. A day so warm and bright–she could sing with the joy of it. Who would the sea bring to her today?

Elunid poked her in the arm. “Thinking of yon shite master?”

The ocean could take a lesson from Elunid’s unpredictability. Not even Bethan could see into her depths. Certainly not their mother, who’d taken to her bed and sent them to their older sister, Polly. But it didn’t take long for her twin’s behavior to frighten the children. Thank God Lena had taken them in.

A fishing boat bobbed in the water, resounding with singing and laughter. Two men stood above a net full of fish. A flock of gulls took turns swooping for the guts. The view was so clear Bethan could make out a man’s homespun breeches and his spyglass aimed toward shore.

He pointed at the two women. “Take a look Roy. I’m seeing double, and I’m not even drinking yet.”

The man grabbed the spyglass. “Two such beauties will surely be in my dreams, or better yet my lap, tonight.”

“Oh, to be sure. You’re too cowardly to even speak to a woman, unless you’re asking her how much.”

“Gets the job done.”

Bethan grimaced and quickened her pace. “Come along, Sister.”

She came to an abrupt halt upon realizing she walked alone. She turned.

Elunid bent over the cobbles, a beetle in her hand. “Look.” She held it up. “Note the cobalt blue, the shade of green, shiny black, black, shiny silk, Sister. Cobalt blue, the color of Peter’s eyes.”


She squeezed Bethan’s arm. “The fisherman.”

Fisherman? Who could she have met without her knowledge? “What?”

“Lack-a-wit!” Her eyebrows creased in irritation. She peered into Bethan’s face. “Christ. Peter. Fish.”

Oh. The Bible. “No need to take that tone with me.”

Elunid squeezed her arm again. “Peter. Beetle prophet, ocean scholar, time-tuning imbecile.” She shook her head, disgust coarsening the smooth complexion.


Echoes of the Moon is Book Three in the Rhythm of the Moon Series.

On sale for a limited time for 99 cents.

Book One: Mercy of the Moon

Book Two: Heartbeat of the Moon

Legumes, Love-making, and Aphrodisiacs

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s Aphrodisiac Time. The weekend’s here, and perhaps you’re thinking about quality time with your partner (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Throughout history, lovers everywhere have counted on aphrodisiacs to help them, well,  get it on. I write historical romances set in the 18th Century. During my  research sessions, quite accidentally, I ran into an interesting love-booster, which I used in my first book, Mercy of the Moon.

17th Century Midwife Jane Sharp wrote a manual on midwifery, called The Midwives Book or the Whole Art of Midwifery Discovered, edited by the brilliant Elaine Hobby. It’s my go-to research book when my midwife heroine Maggie needs some advice. It’s fascinating reading, and gentlemen, you can thank her for the pithy and useful advice I’m giving you today.

We all know about aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolates, and pomegranates. That’s old hat, so let me give you a little 17th Century tip:

Peas and beans are a sure-fired way to increase a man’s vigor in bed. That’s right. It has to do with the belief that men’s sexuality was associated with “windy spirits,” that aided in men’s erections. You can thank Hippocrates for coming up with the humoral theory and Galen for carrying the torch. This idea carried all the way to the 18th Century and then some. So could it be true that the passing of wind equals a passionate interlude? Light a candle and find out by inviting legumes into your love nest.

A few suggestions: take turns feeding each other spoonfuls-as part of the foreplay. Spell endearments on a freshly made bed with multi-colored beans. Pop peas instead of grapes into each other’s mouths. It’s sexy and nutritious.

Want to rejuvenate your love life? Open a can of beans and let love in.