Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays

MercyOfTheMoon_w8691_300 Music plays a huge part in Mercy of the Moon. In the opening scene, my hero Ian Pierce sings out his grief at the grave of his brother.  Heroine Maggie Wilson stands in the kirkyard over her sister’s grave, trying to contain her sorrow in order to care for the surviving family. But Ian’s anguish sinks into her like cold rain from the English Channel, and she succumbs to her pain. But not for long, for she must carry on. I listen to music while writing these emotional scenes. Composer Michael McGlynn and his Irish Choral group, Anuna, inspire and enable me to tell my story. They make up a large part of my playlist. For this scene, the beautiful “Maid in the Moor Lay,” and the sorrowful tune, “Goltrai´ by former Anuna artist and Celtic Woman, Meav brought tears to my eyes. I channel that in my writing. If you are a writer in need of inspiration or would like to hear some breathtaking music, give a listen to these brilliant artists. Back to the story: Later that evening, Ian comes to Maggie’s aid as a sinister circumstance throws them together again. Ian awakens emotions in Maggie that she’s never felt before, joy as well as sorrow.  I’ll talk about that on the next Musical Monday. Thanks for listening.

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