What a Word Wednesday: Absquatulate



Yon Bridget is plagued with personal demons today. My two-year-old grandson has been visiting this week, and she’s not used to being second fiddle. Whatever he loves, she loves. So today, in a desperate bid for affection, Bridget “absquatulated” with his favorite snack.*

What does it all mean? According to dictionary.com, “absquatulate” means to leave, or flee. Simple, right? When I say it aloud, it cracks me up, and sounds vaguely obscene. Do you agree?

Here’s the kicker: I visited etymonline.com for more info, and discovered the word originated around 1837.

It’s the brainchild of William B. Bernard, author of the play, “The Kentuckian,” uttered by the character NIMROD WILDFIRE. I kid you not. You can bet Nimrod Wildfire “absquatulated” with the show every night.

It’s a service I enjoy providing, arming you with powerful words as you battle the forces within and without. Your new word is very effective and doubly obscene if you say it very slowly…combining “Nimrod Wildfire” with it will slay the fiercest bully.

Bridget’s panties are in a bunch today, but her constant “absquatulating” will decrease when my grandson leaves. I hope.

*Okay, anyone with any wits about them can see I orchestrated this picture. I write FICTION, remember? But she did steal a stick of butter off the counter again yesterday, so it’s not a complete fabrication.

18 thoughts on “What a Word Wednesday: Absquatulate

  1. Wonderful word. For years, various members of my family have competed to smuggle the word “discombobulate” into business reports, and of course I use it in my fiction writing. Ten years ago, discombobulate was rarely used, but we see it a lot now. Perhaps we should all look for opportunities to use absquatulate and relaunch it into the language.

  2. My dog used to steal chocolates whenever we were silly enough to leave them at her level so I totally understand. And I love the word Absquatulate. That’s a new one on me!

  3. Anonymous

    What a word! Thanks for sharing it. As for what dogs may get into, a friend left a pecan pie cooling on her kitchen counter while she ran out to do errands. She came back to find her small, short-hair multi-breed rescue dog had managed to somehow climb from object to object until he got close enough to jump to the counter–he ate a good deal of the pie. No, didn’t do him in, but he was listless for a day or so.

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