Mermaids and Music

Happy Musical Monday.

My heroes have always been musicians, so it’s no surprise my novels would feature a hero whose blood hums with music every minute of the day. Ian Pierce was probably born singing. Throughout the series, he has a habit of bursting into song, composing ditties to amuse and defuse. It comes in handy in an 18th Century port town, like when he performs his apothecary duties. Let me share this passage from Heartbeat of the Moon (book 2 of the Rhythm of the Moon series) where he’s trying to distract rickety old Captain Jenkins:

“I came upon a mermaid,

Whose hair as white as pearl

It swirled around the water,

She was a buxom girl.

Her eyes they looked upon me

And softened up my soul,

But hardened up my nether parts,

And therein was the goal.”

COPYRIGHT © 2016 by Jennifer Taylor

Ian adapts his music to whatever audience he entertains. Show me a sailor who doesn’t like a mermaid!  But when he entertains his lady Maggie, he sings an entirely different tune. I’ll tell you about it on Thursday.

Thanks for joining me. I’ll be talking about Ian and music all week.


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