Tweedle Me

Tweedle: It’s what’s for Wednesday. This wacky word originated around 1675-85, according to When I saw it, I immediately thought of Ian, the hero in my Rhythm of the Moon Series. As I said in my blog Monday, Ian uses music to charm and entice practical Maggie. Rest assured this word will be used in Book #3 to describe Ian’s behavior. Why is it the words I pick sound vaguely obscene? I assure you it’s not!

“Tweedle” means to “cajole or entice by music.” I guess you could describe Ian as being Maggie’s personal Pied Piper, but with the best of intentions. He realizes how very hard she works, and strives to give her respite from her cares. Can you resist a man who makes you laugh? And it’s a rare woman who is immune to a gentleman willing to make a fool out of himself in the hopes of bringing a smile to her face. That’s Ian, in both MERCY OF THE MOON and HEARTBEAT OF THE MOON.

Here’s a challenge this Wednesday: Let’s say you’re at the grocery store. Break out in a song, perhaps the Theme from “The Love Boat.” Then, loudly pronounce, “Oh, excuse my tweedling.” And leave the aisle.

We need to revive these fun old words. Shake up a boring Wednesday with a little Tweedling. I have armed you. Go forth and shine.

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