Echoes of the Moon

Identical Twins, Sacrifice, and the Search for Love

Thank you for visiting my website. I am so happy to be able to be back with you in 2021. Echoes of the Moon is a story about Bethan and Elunid, identical twins who live in the 18th Century town of King’s Harbour. Bethan has been a caregiver for Elunid, who is stricken with a debilitating and mysterious mental ailment. Bethan would do anything for her twin. Because of the burden of caring for Elunid, the thought of love never seemed a possibility. Then she meets Henry, a humble workman in the town, tasked with one of the lowly jobs possible. Yet still, something about him intrigues and pleases her. But how can she even entertain the idea of love with the constant care of her twin?

Sisters will do anything for each other. Would Bethan have to sacrifice her growing love for Henry, and perhaps even her life for Elunid?

The following excerpt is from Chapter 3: Bethan and Elunid on one of Elunid’s good days:


Later that afternoon, Bethan and Elunid made their way down the cobbles of Siren Street to Maggie Pierce’s house. Bethan felt a surge of excitement at the prospect of what she might learn from the knowledgeable midwife. As they skirted the harbor, she took heart in the sight of the English Channel, waves rising toward the summer sun. A day so warm and bright–she could sing with the joy of it. Who would the sea bring to her today?

Elunid poked her in the arm. “Thinking of yon shite master?”

The ocean could take a lesson from Elunid’s unpredictability. Not even Bethan could see into her depths. Certainly not their mother, who’d taken to her bed and sent them to their older sister, Polly. But it didn’t take long for her twin’s behavior to frighten the children. Thank God Lena had taken them in.

A fishing boat bobbed in the water, resounding with singing and laughter. Two men stood above a net full of fish. A flock of gulls took turns swooping for the guts. The view was so clear Bethan could make out a man’s homespun breeches and his spyglass aimed toward shore.

He pointed at the two women. “Take a look Roy. I’m seeing double, and I’m not even drinking yet.”

The man grabbed the spyglass. “Two such beauties will surely be in my dreams, or better yet my lap, tonight.”

“Oh, to be sure. You’re too cowardly to even speak to a woman, unless you’re asking her how much.”

“Gets the job done.”

Bethan grimaced and quickened her pace. “Come along, Sister.”

She came to an abrupt halt upon realizing she walked alone. She turned.

Elunid bent over the cobbles, a beetle in her hand. “Look.” She held it up. “Note the cobalt blue, the shade of green, shiny black, black, shiny silk, Sister. Cobalt blue, the color of Peter’s eyes.”


She squeezed Bethan’s arm. “The fisherman.”

Fisherman? Who could she have met without her knowledge? “What?”

“Lack-a-wit!” Her eyebrows creased in irritation. She peered into Bethan’s face. “Christ. Peter. Fish.”

Oh. The Bible. “No need to take that tone with me.”

Elunid squeezed her arm again. “Peter. Beetle prophet, ocean scholar, time-tuning imbecile.” She shook her head, disgust coarsening the smooth complexion.


Echoes of the Moon is Book Three in the Rhythm of the Moon Series.

On sale for a limited time for 99 cents.

Book One: Mercy of the Moon

Book Two: Heartbeat of the Moon

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