About Me

I hope that you enjoy exploring the world of words and music with me. Music has ruled my world since birth: I shimmied out the womb with a bad case of boogie fever, but soon fell in love with the lyrics, how the words fit together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle. I grew up in a musical family, with two brother-musicians, and plenty of albums on the record player, like Mom’s favorite Goldfinger album, the Beach Boys, and of course the Beatles.

Although I’ve worked as a CNA, a hoofer, a roofer, a stay-at-home mom, and a data entry operator, writing and music have always been my first love. I use music on a daily basis to uplift and inspire my writing, so it’s no coincidence that my heroes use music to win the hearts of the women they love.

I am the author of Mercy of the Moon, the first book in the Rhythm of the Moon series, and Heartbeat of the Moon, book #2, both published by the Wild Rose Press.

I’d love to chat with you about all manner of things, and I hope you enjoy my blogs about  18th Century history, midwifery, writing and music.

Thanks very much for stopping by.